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  • Arranging Flowers:

    Flowers are such an enchanting creation that can lighten up anyone's day. A beautiful arrangement can enhance a room and be an eye-catching, jaw-dropping element.

    When it comes to setting up flowers you may be happy with just throwing together a number of different types together in a vase and leaving it at that, but you could have a much more amazing display. The only two things you need is a bit of imagination and creativity.

    Proper flower arrangement!
    If you have the ability to imagine how you want a flower arrangement to look when it is done, and if you have appropriate vases, you should have no difficulty in assembling it. Style, size, content, color balance, are all personal matters. The secret, shared by many, is to utilize some aid that will firmly hold any material the way you want to look at it, so start by investing some money on a foamed plastic stem holder such as Oasis or Stem-fix with water retention capability. This is great for starting out. One large block should be enough for a couple of medium-size bouquets, so you can use them several times.


  • Add some random branches to your arrangement to make it look wilder.
  • Add line flowers, this isn't mandatory, but here you can make the arrangement look wider, or taller or make the whole arrangement look larger.
  • Add the eye-catching flowers, try to pick blooms that stand out from the whole bunch. This is what truly highlights the whole arrangement.
  • Now finally, add some secondary flowers. Place smaller pods lower into the arrangement,

    You should be set! The positive of flower arranging is that you can simply try again if you're not happy end-result. Start again!

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