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  • Cultivating Orchids:

    Cultivating orchids can be very exciting and fulfilling quest, mostly because there are so many types to work with and because of the impressive nature and flexibility of these plants. They are the single largest and most diverse set of all flowering plants. Orchidaceae, as the group is known, has around 30,000 varieties of orchids, with more than 70,000 listed hybrids - and this amount is growing every year. Did we get you interested?

    Perfect pot
    You can in fact leave the orchid in the plastic pot it came in for a couple of years. Don't plant it in another pot every year as Orchids like it when the pot is filled with their roots. If you do still need to plant it to another pot, do it after flowering.

    Potting mix
    If possible, don't use the standard garden potting mix, orchids need one that is open-draining or their roots will rot. Well-watered roots should be a healthy green color, when grayish-white roots suggest that more water is desired.

    Watering tips
    Keep orchids moist but not wet. If the bark gets reddish brown and dry, add more water. If the bark looks dark brown and slightly damp, let it be. Let the water to run through the pot and drain any out of the plate. The quality of water used, is of great significance. Because tap water is usually chemically handled, normally with chlorine, it should be used with care. The best water for orchids is certainly pure rainwater. Rainwater, as it travels through the air, dissolves and absorbs many valuable elements such as dust, pollen and other organic matter. This enhanced rainwater adds to the nourishment of the plant.

    Feeding Use fertilizer when they're growing. Make sure to use an orchid food that is specifically created for orchids and stick to the instructions on the label. In most cases, most orchid fertilizers advise usage once a month.

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